Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 7: Game of Codes ;)

The tasks that I have aforementioned in my 5th week's blog post, have already been completed. The main target in PTM-84 task is to make patient matching module to deal with two datasources. The importance of this process has been mentioned in my 5th week blog post

I had to change 6 methods in Methods are listed below. 
  1. InitScratchTable
  2. CreRanSamAnalyzer
  3. CreAnalFormPairs
  4. CrePairdataSourAnalyzer
  5. ScoringData
  6. CreatingReport
Every method indicated above should support for both deduplication as well as for two datasources. Deduplication process is needed in the incremental patient matching process at the first time since every patient record is being matched with every other record. Not only that if the user specifically indicates to run the patient match for all the records, deduplication process is the one should carry out the task.

Power of the incremental patient matching comes with two datasources. One datasource is comprised with all the patients while the other datasource contains only the patients who are added or changed after the last execution date of the report.

What I have done ?

The changes that I have done for the patient matching module to get this work done can be found here.

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