Sunday, June 11, 2017

Week 2: Struggling Times

Since the 2nd week has almost finished, my primary goal is to get the incremental patient matching into alive, as aforesaid in my 1st week’s report. I have split it into sub goals in order to get a clear picture on it. 

Here are the sub goals,
  1. The strategy should be identified in which the user is being used.
  2. Is the strategy a combination of set of strategies? If it is so, we ignore it. Otherwise we should consider the particular strategy and then should follow the steps as they are listed below.
  3. Should find out whether there are any reports stored in the database related to the strategy. If there are no reports, we are good to go. Nothing has matched earlier therefore all the patient records should be matched with each other.
  4. Once the user has selected the old report, we must find the date it had run and fetch the patients' records which are either added or updated after that date. This is done by comparing patientmatching_report.created_on AND patient.date_added OR patient.date_changed table fields.
 My primary work consists of 1,2 subgoals and it is almost done. I have started creating the foundation for the sub goal 3. Since I was curious and interested about working with patients I paid my attention to the 4th goal at the beginning of the second week. Believe me, I have been struggling for the past 5 days just to find the code segment which is meant for retrieval of patients from the database. It’s just a matter of time of finding the code segment because I have already found a way to retrieve the patient records in order to adhere with incremental matching process.

The following two tables are the data sources which are meant to help in completing this task, 

1. patient

2. patientmatching_report

By comparing the patient's table date_changed or date_created with the field created_on in patientmatching_report I can simply sort out the necessary records for the next match.

I have figured out the place where the patients are retrieved,

This is the method which loads all the patients regardless of the date created or date changed.

This week was a tough week for me as my end semester exams have already started, somehow I managed to allocate time for this wonderful Patient Matching module. 
My next goal is to complete the 4th sub goal.

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